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Hotel Nikko Saigon and the Splendid Club Room Experience

Hotel Nikko Saigon is in a peaceful location of District 1, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a 5-star hotel representing the essence of Japanese ‘omotenashi’ hospitality for both business and leisure travellers.

 A refined Japanese minimalism defines its interior design. Hotel Nikko Saigon boasts a globally appraised buffet restaurant and renowned seafood buffet.  Additionally, there’s a stunning outdoor garden for weddings and events.

About Hotel Nikko Saigon

About Hotel Nikko Saigon

Hotel Nikko Saigon is part of the renowned Hotel Okura Co., Ltd since 1958, Tokyo, Japan. As of 2021, there are two Nikko hotels, one in Ho Chi Minh City and one in Hai Phong City.

The staff of Hotel Nikko Saigon always try their best to deliver the essence of Japanese hospitality — ‘omotenashi’. The meaning roughly translates as ‘paying attention to detail and anticipating needs’.

The hotel has a professional concierge service, and the shuttle service requires booking in advance. However, it’s quicker to take a cab or a Grab Car for going around downtown.

A Stay at Hotel Nikko Saigon

Nikko Deluxe Room

Hotel Nikko Saigon is spacious in its accommodations. There’s a range of deluxe rooms, apartments, and the premium Club Rooms. Living spaces keep to an uncluttered and minimalist aesthetic. Additionally, large windows and plenty of natural light add to the relaxing atmosphere.

In addition to standard amenities, there’s a sizable workstation, bathtub, and electronic bidet. Functional spaces within rooms have a variety of sliding doors rather than typical doored walls.

Rooms can have an open bathroom or a walk-in shower room — and the stream is always good. The bedrooms can be King or twin-bed with a good children policy for families of up to four.

The room service menu has a nice selection of dishes from the restaurant. As of July 2021, the lovely meal of Chinese bento boxes to your room are in promotion.

Nikko Club Rooms

Nikko Club Rooms
[ image from Hotelnikkosaigon.com.vn ]

Enhance your stay with the luxurious Nikko Club rooms — always a worthy upgrade at Hotel Nikko Saigon. Besides spectacular views from the 21st to the 23rd floors, they come with various benefits.

Nikko Club has an exclusive venue for check-in and check-out on the 23rd floor.  Club rooms always include the breakfast buffet at La Brasserie while other rooms don’t.

Don’t miss out on the complimentary afternoon tea, evening canapés, and happy hour drinks at the Club Lounge. Club guests can book the meeting room for one hour per day at a maximum of 10 people.

Each Nikko Club room has an air-purifier plus a tea and coffee maker. Club bathrooms come with luxurious L’Occitane products instead of standard room amenities.

Besides a separate living area, the Nikko Club suites make everything extra-luxurious. The Nikko Club Junior Suite has two Queen-size beds and a separate shower from the toilet. The Royal Suite features an open-air terrace and a private meeting room for twelve.

Nikko Apartments

Nikko Apartments
[ image from Hotelnikkosaigon.com.vn ]

Hotel Nikko Saigon has one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. The two and three-bedroom apartments have two bathrooms. The smaller triangle one-bedroom is the most affordable choice for apartments.

Each Nikko apartment has a living area with a TV, DVD player, and a Chinese ceramic tea set. The kitchenette is fully equipped with a cooktop, oven, fridge, and microwave. There’s also a rice cooker, standard kitchen utensils, and serving ware. The washing machine with a dryer is near the bathroom.

World-Class Buffet at Hotel Nikko Saigon

La Brasserie at Hotel Nikko Saigon
[ image from Hotelnikkosaigon.com.vn ]

Enjoy a world-class feast at La Brasserie, one of the most anticipated experiences of Hotel Nikko Saigon. The breakfast buffet alternates every few days. Regardless, there’s always a variety of Asian and Western dishes with vegan and vegetarian options.

The seafood buffet for lunch and dinner are recognized internationally for the freshest crabs, oysters, and lobsters. Nonetheless, they also serve some delicious Western and Asian cuisine including Vietnamese and Japanese dishes.

If you have specific dietary requirements, you can inform the staff in advance upon booking. The restaurant has 320 seats and you can reserve for private groups of up to 60 people.

Chinese-Taiwanese cuisine at Hotel Nikko Saigon
[ image from Hotelnikkosaigon.com.vn ]

Ming Court serves fine Chinese-Taiwanese cuisine. It features a wide selection of delectable handmade dim sum. This a la carte restaurant, suitable for lunch and dinner, has two private dining rooms.

Hotel Nikko Saigon Facilities

Outdoor Pool at Hotel Nikko Saigon

At Hotel Nikko Saigon, the gym, outdoor pool, and spa are all on the 5th floor. The Day Stay packages include a discount for these facilities. The outdoor area is smoke-prohibited after complaints from staying guests. There are also a couple of foosball and pool tables on this floor.

Wellness Center

Fitness Center at Hotel Nikko Saigon

The gym is fairly spacious. Types of equipment include treadmills, stationary bikes, free weights, and resistance training machines. The outdoor pool goes from 43 cm to 1.3 m deep with a lifeguard, ample sun loungers, and towels.

The poolside bar serves some nice drinks for your tanning session. “A day by the pool” package includes some finger food and a cocktail from the bar as well.

Spa at Hotel Nikko Saigon

The well-priced Ren Spa has skilled masseuses with good English conversation ability. Massages include total body and shiatsu or finger pressure massage. You can also enjoy hot stone therapy and a  bamboo powder body scrub. In addition, the sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi are free for staying guests to use.

Hotel Nikko Saigon Lounges

Hotel Nikko Saigon Lounges

The Lounge is a cozy nook in the elegant high-ceiling lobby. On a different note, the Nikko Club Lounge on the 23rd floor gives an amazing view over the city. As mentioned above, the Nikko Club rooms include many benefits, such as afternoon tea with vegan snacks.

Meeting and Events

Events at Hotel Nikko Saigon
[ image from Facebook ]

The Business Center on the 4th floor has photocopy and fax machines. There are also computers with high-speed internet access. Professional staff can provide secretarial and administrative assistance and book private meeting rooms.

Japanese hospitality caters to your special events at the full-service venues of Hotel Nikko Saigon. The elegant and pillar-less Origami Ballroom has a modern LED lighting system on the ceiling.

The Nikko Garden is a tranquil green outdoor venue four a roundtable setup or cocktail reception. They always have promotions with details on their website.

Why Choose Hotel Nikko Saigon?

Why Choose Hotel Nikko Saigon?

Hotel Nikko Saigon is the place to experience Omotenashi Japanese hospitality. It’s also a home for those who reminisce about being in Japan. The hotel isn’t necessarily glamorous, but it’s certainly an overall 5-star experience.

The Hits:

  • Acclaimed seafood buffet
  • Nikko Club benefits
  • Japanese hospitality
  • Nice relaxing pool
  • Apartments available
  • Day Stay packages

The Misses:

  • Lack of recreational activities
  • No children-oriented facilities
  • Little local authenticity

Following Hotel Nikko Saigon’s pandemic measures, the gym, spa, Ming Court, lobby lounge, and city shuttle are temporarily closed. La Brasserie only serves breakfast buffet for staying guests. However, there are deals that include hotel credits and complimentary bonuses.

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