Lang Co Beach: A Trip from Danang or Hue

Lang Co Beach (Vietnamese spelling: bãi biển Lăng Cô) is a popular middle-ground for travelers between laid back Danang and historic Hue. It’s a beautiful seaside area rich in seafood with a tropical monsoon climate. Lang Co is also the name for the bay and the town it’s in.

The Vietnamese spelling literally translates to ‘lady’s mausoleum’ but it’s actually a French pronunciation. There are two debated origins with one is ‘Làng Cò’ or Stork Village on this beach. The other is ‘An Cư’ which used to be a village South of Lap An Lagoon.

How to Get to Lang Co

Lang Co Bay Viewpoint
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Lang Co Beach is about 60 km from central Hue and 30 km from Danang. There are flights to Hue and Danang from both Hanoi in the north and Ho Chi Minh City in the south. However, it’s often more popular with the people of Hue since Danang has its own beaches.

A favorite route is to fly to Danang International Airport, then switch to private transportation via the Hai Van Pass stopping by Lang Co Beach before arriving in Hue. 

If you’re wanting to plan a longer tour from Hoi An, you can include My Son Sanctuary moving on to the Hai Van Pass towards Lang Co. Another popular route is to do a Son Tra Peninsula tour connecting to the Hai Van Pass and Lang Co Bay. This route includes two of the most scenic rides in central Vietnam.

Things to Do in Lang Co Beach

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Lang Co Beach is a fishing village turned tourist destination at the bottom of Hai Van Pass. Between the turquoise Lap An Lagoon and a 10 km white sandy seafront, there’s plenty of room to enjoy swimming and beach activities.

Lang Co Viewpoint from Hai Van Pass

Pine Hill Camping Site
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The Lang Co Viewpoint at the bottom of Hai Van Pass is where you’ll be able to take in the scenery of the entire bay. The Lang Co Bay is on the list of the world’s most beautiful bays by World Bays.

From this viewpoint, you can also see the 1A Highway crossing the sea and the railway spanning from the South to the North of Vietnam. Unfortunately, the railway doesn’t stop for passengers at the Lang Co Station also at the bottom of Hai Van.

The Beaches of Lang Co Bay

The Beaches of Lang Co Bay
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Along the land strip, there are a few local restaurants where you can get a full course  seafood meal and hostels for inexpensive accommodation. Prices can vary so be careful of tourist traps.

The public areas of Lang Co Beach have jet ski rental shops but they tend to open depending on the tourist season. There are also nearby resorts with facilities open to the general public.

Chan May Beach (bãi biển Chân Mây) is 10 km away from Lang Co Beach. It has a more untouched beauty but there aren’t any lifeguards so be careful.

Canh Duong Beach (bãi biển Cảnh Dương) is a leisure beach with seaside restaurants to sit and watch the sunset. If you want to spend the night under the starry sky, there are A-frame cabins and family cabanas.

Lap An Lagoon

Lap An Lagoon
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Lap An Lagoon (đầm Lập An) is a locals’ go-to outing spot with shallow waters surrounded by Bach Ma Mountain (núi Bạch Mã). It’s a good stop-off where you can dip your feet and take some nice photos.

Swimming isn’t allowed and the rafts are just for show. You have to pay if you want to take photos with the rafts. There are small diners around where you can get oysters fresh-off-the-net.

It also used to be a favorite summer getaway of King Khai Dinh and his son, Bao Dai. Khai Dinh has the last imperial tomb of the Nguyen Dynasty and Bao Dai was the last monarch of Vietnam.

Lang Co Beach Resort or Laguna Lang Co

Lang Co Beach Resort
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Resort developments include  the Lang Co Beach Resort or a tourist complex called Laguna Lăng Cô at Canh Duong Beach. Being resorts, they are more suitable to spend at least one night but you can still just include them in a day trip.

Lang Co Beach Resort has a style reminiscent of an old Vietnamese village with wood and woven rattan furniture. The resort provides flight ticket confirmation, transportation services, tours, a spa, a tennis court, and beach sports fields.

The Laguna Lăng Cô is a huge complex with a few resorts and a golf course. A boat ride in a 3 km canal leading to a full-course menu is a romantic choice for couples.

Tips for Visiting Lang Co

Tips for Visiting Lang Co
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Best time to visit: April to August. From late August to November is the rainy season and the sea can get quite cold from December to next March. You can use Meteoblue to know the weather when you’re in Lang Co Beach.What to bring: Prepare your swimming clothes, hats, and sunscreen for the beach if you want to do more than just enjoy the scenery.

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