Langbiang Mountain: Nature’s Theme Park with a Love Story

Mt. Langbiang (Vietnamese spelling: núi Lang Biang) is consistently rated as one of the best places to visit in Dalat on popular forums. It’s just 12km away from the city center in Lạc Dương District.

Langbiang is filled with green meadows as far as the eye can see. The mountain, along with others around, is covered in pines and hidden in the clouds.

After paying a small entrance fee, a ton of fun activities from the bottom to the top of the mountain open up to visitors. If you come during Springtime, you’ll get the chance to see golden Mimosa flowers cover the place.

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Things to Do at Mt. Langbiang

Things to Do at Mt. Langbiang
From the entrance
[ by VanLap Hoàng from Flickr ]

At the bottom of the mountain, you can do a little bit of horse riding and taking photos. The meadow extends all the way to the peaks and is a go-to for picnics among the younger generations.

You can book chalets and hotel rooms at the office. Tour activities may include gathering around the campfire with local ethnic groups, barbecuing while sipping on local cần wine, listening to tales, and dancing.

The most popular vantage point in Langbiang is Radar Peak (đỉnh Ra đa) which is an old radar station turned tourist center. The easiest way up there is to take a 25-minute jeep ride.

Once up there, it’s all about hanging out with the clouds and taking photos. There’s also a telescope to get an eagle’s eye view, and you can also do some more horse riding. 

There are hotel rooms and a coffee shop which serves light meals up here. The gift shop sells handicrafts made by the local Lạch people.

Recently, there’s been a new interesting way to get off Radar Peak and that is to paraglide down to Dankia Lake. If you’re new to the sport, you’ll need to go through proper instructions. You won’t have to do so if you have the certifications for it.

Scale the Mountain Tops: The Best Thing to Do at Mt. Langbiang

Scale the Mountain Tops of Langbiang
The steps paved with wood panels
[ by Johnny Tuấn from Facebook ]

There are three peaks to Mt. Langbiang which are Radar Peak at 1 929 m above sea level, Nui Ong Peak (đỉnh Núi Ông) at 2124 m, and Nui Ba Peak (đỉnh Núi Bà) at 2167 m. There are signs showing you where to start but you can ask around when in doubt.

Hiking to Radar Peak is fairly easy whether you’re following the concrete road or hiking through the woods. Hiking along the concrete path takes around an hour or more. If you take the forest path, you will essentially be hiking straight to the peak and it may take less time depending on your athletic ability. 

For the adventurous, you can do some free hiking without developed trails up to either Nui Ong Peak or Nui Ba Peak. The way up doesn’t really get too difficult, and directional signs show the way without taking away the authenticity. 

It’s roughly 7 km or around 3 hours from the bottom to any of the two peaks. During the rainy season, some parts can get slippery, especially the stairs paved with wood panels.

You should start your trip early to make sure you don’t miss the sunny part of the day. For safety reasons, it’s better to return to the bottom before nightfall. You’ll need a good pair of walking shoes, a light jacket, a small basic first aid kit including insect repellent, adequate water, and snacks. 

The Legendary Love Story of Mt. Langbiang

The statue of K’lang and H'biang
The statue of K’lang and H’biang
[ image from Facebook ]

The name Langbiang stems from the love story of a guy— K’lang and a girl—  H’biang in the legends of the K’Ho ethnic group. You can see the couple’s statue at the bottom of the mountain.

In the tale, they belonged to two rival tribes but accidentally met and fell in love. The couple ran away to live together until H’biang got sick. They both went back to find a cure and K’lang got caught in a fight. Amidst the conflict, H’biang took a poisonous arrow for K’lang and died.

In the end, both K’lang and H’biang died. Filled with regrets, the girl’s father reunited all the surrounding tribes into one K’Ho. The mountain where the couple died was named after them in memory of their tragic love story.

Ticket Prices at Mt. Langbiang

Paragliding from Radar Peak
Paragliding from Radar Peak
[ by Amour Dalat from Facebook ]
  • Entrance ticket: Adults: 30 000 VND per person ; Children: 15 000 VND per person.
  • Motorbike parking: 5 000 VND per bike.
  • Car parking: 30 000 VND per car.
  • Paragliding: 600 000 VND per session.
  • Jeep ride: 300 000 VND per Jeep or 60 000 per person.

Traveling Tips for Mt. Langbiang

Traveling Tips for Mt. Langbiang

[ by Nnttien_91 from Pixabay ]

1. You’re likely to do a lot of walking around here so leave your luggage at the hotel. 

2. Depending on your plan, you may want to buy water and snacks beforehand as they cost extra here.

3. Best time to visit: If you intend to hike, avoid the rainy July, September, and October.

4. Environment: Don’t litter to help preserve the natural scenery.

How to get to Mt. Langbiang

Another view from Radar Peak
Another view from Radar Peak
[ by Du Lịch Triều Hảo from Facebook ]

Check out our article on ‘20 Best Things To Do in Dalat’ for further details on how to get to Dalat and from there to Mt. Langbiang, as well as where to stay and eat.

  • Bus: You can use Google Maps to catch the local bus number 48 which stops at the gate to Mt. Langbiang.
  • Grab is convenient for booking a car similar to Uber.
  • Rental motorcycles are probably the most convenient way to get here since you’re likely to have rented one to go around Dalat.

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