Ho Chi Minh

Independence Palace in Ho Chi Minh City

Independence Palace in Ho Chi Minh City has witnessed many turbulent events. From bombings, to assassinations, to coup d’etats, this iconic building has many stories to tell. It’s main message though, communicated through its design, is one of national strength and unity.
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16 Things To Do in Sapa on The Rooftop of Vietnam

Sapa used to be a hidden backwater favored by backpackers and hikers. Trekking its gorgeous mountain valleys is still the best thing to do with homestays in local ethnic villages. You can browse handicraft markets, ride the Fansipan cableway, or just rent a bike for the day.
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30 Amazing Things to Do in Hue City

In Hue you can explore ancient burial sites, pagodas, the royal citadel, and savor the unique cuisine. Nearby you can enjoy pristine beaches, the largest as well as longest caves in Asia, trekking tropical forest, or visiting modern battlegrounds.
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