Red River of Vietnam: Flower Gardens in Hanoi and More

Discover the role of the Red River and the history of rice cultivation in Vietnam. Nowadays, the river has a number of pretty seasonal flower gardens. The West Lake, with tranquil temples and pagodas, used to be part of the river. Bat Trang Ceramic Village is also nearby.
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Trekking in Vietnam: Top 7 Exciting Trails to Conquer

Trekking trails in Vietnam abound, but we’ve picked the best 7. Traverse the mountain highlands of Sapa and Ha Giang. Be captivated inside awesome caves, by sublime scenery in national parks, and mountain top vistas. For spiritual seekers, tread a Buddhist pilgrimage trail.
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Ho Chi Minh

Jade Emperor Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City

The Pagoda to the Jade Emperor is a unique pagoda that incorporates a traditional Taoist Temple. It’s a welcoming space with rare and interesting artefacts. You can also visit the King of Hell, the corridor of torments, and the Goddesses of Fertility and Mercy.
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