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Saigon Food in Vietnam: 25 Amazing Must-try Dishes

Vietnamese food is different from region to region and in Saigon, they all come together. There are, nonetheless, unique features that make Saigon food stand out. After reading this article, you’ll know for certain which are the best dishes in Saigon and where to find them.Food


The Bana Hills: Best Amusement Resort in Vietnam

Bana Hills is an amusement resort 25 km outside Danang among the cool hilltops of the Son Tra mountains. Attractions include a walk through the giant hands of the Golden Bridge, the longest cable ride in the world, a twisting Alpine coaster, games center, Pagodas, and more.


Marble Mountain – Danang’s Ancient Mystery Caves

Marble Mountain or Ngu Hanh Son are five hilltops 10 km from downtown Danang. These sacred mountains of the ancient Cham people are now holy ground for Mahayana Buddhists. Discover some of the most sublime cave pagodas in all of Vietnam including Am Phu or Hell Cave.


Independence Palace in Ho Chi Minh City

Independence Palace in Ho Chi Minh City has witnessed many turbulent events. From bombings, to assassinations, to coup d’etats, this iconic building has many stories to tell. It’s main message though, communicated through its design, is one of national strength and unity.


Jade Emperor Pagoda

The Pagoda to the Jade Emperor is a unique pagoda that incorporates a traditional Taoist Temple. It’s a welcoming space with rare and interesting artefacts. You can also visit the King of Hell, the corridor of torments, and the Goddesses of Fertility and Mercy.


Temple of Literature in Hanoi

The Temple of Literature and Imperial Academy, is one of Hanoi’s and Vietnam’s most important historical preservations. Originally built to honor the great sage Confucius, it soon embellished his spirit to become the leading educational institute for the next 700 years.


Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi Tunnels (Vietnamese spelling: Địa đạo Củ Chi), also known as the Vietcong Tunnels or the North Vietnamese Tunnels, are truly one of the most remarkable underground constructions in the world. Even though it’s almost 50 years since the Vietnamese American War ended in 1975, they continue to tell their fascinating story.  Located […]

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