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Yang Bay Waterfall — A Fun-Filled Day Out for All Near Nha Trang

Yang Bay Waterfall is in a lush valley of primary forest around 42 km away from Nha Trang City center. It’s the main attraction in a nature entertainment park which is an alternative getaway from the busy urban area.

The entertainment park helps preserve the original beauty of Yang Bay Waterfall and also provides convenient facilities for visitors. In addition, the park promotes the traditional heritage of the local Raglai ethnic group and offers job opportunities.

Legend of Yang Bay Waterfall

Legend of Yang Bay Waterfall
[ by Yang Bay from Facebook ]

Yang Bay Waterfall is in Khánh Vĩnh District of Khánh Hoà Province where 70% of the population are Raglai people. They are a branch of the Cham people in Vietnam.

According to the Raglai people, Yang Bay means ‘sky waterfall’ in their language. Yang Bay Waterfall is 80 m tall and 2 000 m long. Similar to other waterfalls in Vietnam, Yang Bay has a mythical tale behind its origin.

The story goes that once upon a time, the Jade Emperor (Taoism) and his accompanying fairies frequented the mountains here. One day, the youngest fairy followed the charming scenery into a Raglai village. She then met and fell in love with a Raglai man.

This love between an immortal of the heavens and a mere earthling enraged the Jade Emperor. Thus, he commanded a lasting drought on the land. However, he was unable to separate the two lovers. To make up for the destruction of the area, he then bestowed months of rain which created Yang Bay Waterfall.

Is Yang Bay Waterfall Worth Visiting

Is Yang Bay Waterfall Worth Visiting
[ by Yang Bay from Facebook ]

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The standard ticket at 150 000 VND per person is enough for a fun outing near Nha Trang. It includes entrance to the seasonal flower fields, Ostrich Farm, Deer Farm, and traditional Raglai music performances. Also, moving around inside the park is easy thanks to the electric amusement train which is included in all tickets.

Yang Bay Waterfall shares a similar downside to many entertainment parks in Vietnam, namely extra charges here and there. On the other hand, the few tacky things they have you can easily ignore.

Swimming in the waters of Yang Bay Waterfall is likely the main objective for visitors here. Luckily, it doesn’t cost extra unless you forget your swimsuit and need to rent one. Additional activities include rafting and zip lining.

The Bird Garden and Deer Farm are two of the most fun activities for families with kids. Unfortunately, animal treats cost extra and the Bird Garden entrance is not included in the standard or combo tickets.

The Hocho Hot Spring and Yang Bay Mud Baths and Spa are enjoyable relaxations for all ages. Although their separate prices are quite substantial, they’re a lot cheaper in the combo packages we detail at the end of the article.

  • Standard adult ticket: 150 000 VND.
  • Standard child ticket: 100 000 VND.
  • Roundtrip shuttle transfer: 120 000 VND per person.

The Sacred Tree

Sacred Tree at Yang Bay Waterfall
[ by Yang Bay from Facebook ]

The Sacred Tree (Mộc Thần), a spiritual icon of the local Raglai people, welcomes you to Yang Bay Waterfall. According to locals, the eight sides of the Sacred Tree correspond with eight aspects of human life.

These include physical health, mental health, love, family, fertility, education, career, and wealth. Visitors can write their wishes onto a piece of cloth and tie it to the tree for its blessings.

The Sacred Tree actually comprises two banyan trees and one interweaving weeping fig tree. It’s over 500 years old, more than 25 m tall, and over 20 people can circle around it.

Near the Sacred Tree is a large koi fish pond. They will come splashing to you and you can even touch them by luring them in with the feeding bottles.

  • Wishing cloth: 15 000 VND per piece.
  • Fish feeding bottles: 15 000 VND per bottle.

Cascades of Yang Bay Waterfall

Cascades of Yang Bay Waterfall
[ by Yang Bay from Facebook ]

To get to the actual Yang Bay Waterfall, you’ll first need to cross the stream on a hanging bridge. You can freely take dips in the stream which also has shallow and safe areas for children.

On a fun note, you can get close to the cascading stream on a bamboo raft. Also, take the zipline and make a big splash on your way to Yang Bay Waterfall. These two additions are quite entertaining even though they cost a little extra.

If you want to rest by the waterfall, the sun chairs and picnic mattresses will cost 50 000 VND a piece. Depending on the size of your group, you may have to consider some additional budget.

  • Bamboo raft: 100 000 VND per raft.
  • Zipline: 15 000 VND per turn.

Fun for Children at Yang Bay Waterfall

Children at Yang Bay Waterfall
[ by Yang Bay from Facebook ]

The Yang Bay Bird Garden is the most popular with kids coming to Yang Bay Waterfall. It has over 1000 species of birds including the more common parakeets, pigeons, and spotted doves. Rarer sightings include the red-billed leiothrix, red avadavat, silver-eared mesia, and blue-winged leafbird.

The parakeets here are trained to land on top of your hat and sing you the song of their people. You can take many Instagram-worthy pics and feed the birds while you’re at it. Also nearby is the Deer Farm with eager deer waiting to be fed.

At the swimming area of Yang Bay Waterfall, there are floaties for rent for young children. In addition, there’s a fish pedicure (using schools of flesh-eating fish) nearby. And, they have an archery booth to challenge young aiming skills.

  • Bird Garden entrance: 30 000 VND per person.
  • Bird seeds: 10 000 VND per pack.
  • Deer food: 10 000 VND per pack.
  • Floaties: 10 000 VND per piece.
  • Fish pedicure: 30 000 VND per person.
  • Archery: 30 000 VND per 3 arrows.

Wellness and Relaxation at Yang Bay Waterfall

After a day outdoors, visitors can enjoy the Hocho Hot Spring or rejuvenate at Yang Bay Mud Baths and Spa.

Hocho Hot Spring

Hocho Hot Spring at Yang Bay Waterfall
[ by Yang Bay from Facebook ]

The Hocho Hot Spring in Yang Bay Waterfall is one of the few natural ones around Nha Trang. Visitors can choose between the miniature pools created by the stream itself, or an artificial pool with a jacuzzi.

Hot springs have been known to provide health benefits such as increasing blood circulation, improving skin health, and reducing stress. For an additional natural remedy, you can opt for the herbal hot tub treatment. If you don’t purchase a combo deal, the tickets here cost extra:

  • Stream pools: 90 000 VND per child ; 120 000 VND per adult.
  • Artificial pool: 90 000 VND per child ; 120 000 VND per adult.
  • Herbal hot tub: 150 000 VND per child ; 250 000 VND per adult.

Mud Baths and Spa

Mud Baths at Yang Bay Waterfall
[ by Yang Bay from Facebook ]

The Yang Bay Mud Baths and Spa are great for relaxing. Not to mention, mud baths are good for exfoliating dead skin cells. A mud bath session also includes access to three heated mineral water pools, a jacuzzi, swimsuits, and towels.

Another option is the full-body cosmetic mud spa treatment which also includes the facilities above. Furthermore, they also have body massages, hot stone massage, cupping, and a sauna for an additional charge. Basic mud bath sessions are also included in the recommended combo ticket deals.

Mud baths for 1 to 3 people350 000 VND per adult
Mud baths for 4 to 5 people300 000 VND per adult
Large mud baths for 6 or more270 000 VND per adult
All mud baths for children: 170 000 VND per child.
  • Full-body cosmetic mud spa treatment (adults only): 900 000 VND per person.
  • 40-minute full-body massage: 400 000 VND per person.
  • 15-minute sauna: 100 000 VND per person.

Meet the Raglai Ethnic Group

Raglai Ethnic Group at Yang Bay Waterfall
[ image from Yangbay.khatoco.com ]

Every day at 10:45 AM, the Raglai people in Yang Bay Waterfall hold traditional music and dancing performances. One of their unique musical instruments is an aerophone called ‘taleploi’. Others are typical of Vietnamese Central Highlands like lithophones, a set of 6 bamboo flutes called ‘đinh tút’, and a bamboo xylophone called ‘t’rưng’.

In addition, visitors can experience playing the musical instruments and learning the dances. By doing so, each participant will also receive a handmade flute by the Raglai craftsmen. If you’re interested in learning more about the instruments, head to the showroom where they are on display.

More Exotic Things to Do at Yang Bay Waterfall

Things to Do at Yang Bay Waterfall
[ by Yang Bay from Facebook ]

While not for everyone, Yang Bay Waterfall has some ‘exotic’ activities. At the Yang Bay Crocodile Farm, you can feed and take pictures with these snappy fellas. Near the cascading Yang Bay Waterfall, you can also take pictures with a python hanging on your shoulder as proof of bravery.

There’s also an  Ostrich Farm where you can try some big bird riding. Other activities near the Hocho Hot Spring include a pig race and a cockfighting arena.

  • Crocodile bait: 15 000 VND per piece.
  • Crocodile buddy pics: 50 000 VND per person.
  • Pics with a python: 30 000 VND per person.
  • Ostrich ride: 50 000 VND per lap.
  • Pig race: 20 000 VND per pick.
  • Cockfight arena: 30 000 VND per pick.

Staying and Eating at Yang Bay Waterfall

Staying at Yang Bay Waterfall
[ by Yang Bay from Facebook ]

Even though there’s space for picnics, Yang Bay Waterfall doesn’t allow outside food. At Đảo Ngọc Restaurant, there are swan boats and a fishing service. If you reel in anything, ask the restaurant to cook it up or you can take your catch home.

Đại Ngàn Restaurant has a stage and better suits large events. Both restaurants serve dishes that include crocodile, ostrich, goat, frog, as well as more regular and common fare.

If you’re looking for something to add to a team-building event, there’s an evening BBQ by the fire. Besides a karaoke machine, you can book a gong cultural performance as background music for your dance around the flames. These are subject to availability.

For lodging, visitors can choose between regular guest rooms or dorm rooms. Unfortunately, there’s not yet a camping ground available.

  • Room for two: 700 000 VND per room.
  • Dorm room: 150 000 VND per bed.
  • 15-minute swan boats: 50 000 VND per boat for two.
  • Fishing: 30 000 VND per rod + bait.
  • Restaurant cooking fee for your catch: 150 000 VND per kilogram.
  • Bringing your catch home: 100 000 VND per kilogram.

Deals and Packages at Yang Bay Waterfall

Deals and Packages at Yang Bay Waterfall
[ by Yang Bay from Facebook ]

By planning your trip to Yang Bay Waterfall ahead, you can reduce the expense with inclusive packages plus deals for groups.

If you want to enjoy the hot spring and/or mud baths, we recommend one of the combo ticket deals. It works out much cheaper than paying separately. With a combo ticket, which includes the standard deal, you can add on extras like rafting or the Bird Park.

The hot spring and mud baths are included in day package deals. However, one and two day packages are unfortunately only for groups of 30 people plus. 

These deals also include a roundtrip transfer from Nha Trang, meals, lodging, a guide, and insurance. Only the two-day tour includes charges for small activities like animal feed, zip lining, or photographs.

  • Hot Spring package: 240 000 VND per adult ; 160 000 VND per child.
  • Mud Bath + Hot Spring package: 420 000 VND per adult ; 220 000 VND per child.
  • Full-body Mud Treatment + Afternoon Tea + Hot Spring package: 1 000 000 VND per adult ; 700 000 VND per child.
  • One-day Tour: 700 000 VND per adult ; 500 000 VND per child.
  • Two-day Tour: 1 250 000 VND per person.

How to Buy Tickets and Get to Yang Bay Waterfall

How to Get to Yang Bay Waterfall
[ by Yang Bay from Facebook ]

If you have or are renting a motorbike in Nha Trang, getting to Yang Bay Waterfall is straightforward. Motorbike parking only costs around 10 000 VND or less. For private group transfer, you can also organize a Grab Car, which is generally cheaper than a taxi.

When you arrive at the waterfall, you can purchase the standard ticket or the combo deals for the hot spring and/or mud baths. The other way is to speak to your hotel front desk. Tell them exactly what you want, and they will arrange things for you. 

If you want to take advantage of the round trip shared shuttle transfer provided by Yang Bay Waterfall, you can contact them directly. They don’t have an English website, but the staff is fully capable in servicing English-speaking visitors. The cost is 120 000 VND.

Call the Yang Bay Waterfall hotline 0901 929 121 or email them.

Parking costs:

  • Motorbikes: 10 000 VND per vehicle.
  • Vehicles up to 7 seats: 15 000 VND per vehicle.
  • From 7 to 24 seats: 20 000 VND per vehicle.
  • Over 24 seats: 50 000 VND per vehicle.
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